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Athena Pierce Screen

By razornion

razornion Level 205 Scania Night Lord See what games, anime & art razornion is intoRazorNion
Oct 23 2015 I don't want to get rusty and wanted to learn more so yeah.

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xdwow2 Level 200 Mardia Dark Knight
Edward Elric Crossdressing*
Oct 23 2015
trumpet205 Level 205 Windia Aran 4
@lazylazylazy: Same thoughts here, and that's actually a bit creepy for me.
Oct 23 2015
pavchka Level 150 Broa Shadower
Reminds me of Princess Zelda. O_O
Oct 23 2015
hiimsanpai Level 1 Scania Hayato 2
Looks like a guy...
no offence..
Oct 24 2015
pavchka Level 150 Broa Shadower
People seem to believe every drawing of a female who doesn't look like she was borrowed from Sailor Moon or Precure looks like a guy. ._.
Oct 24 2015

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