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Avatar, Legend of Korra season 4 predictions?

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MagicalImage Level 189 Bera Night Walker 4
The 3rd season is over, which left a dramatic and critical ending. Anyone have any ideas or predictions that awaits in season 4? I wonder if Tenzen's daughter will replace Korra, due to Korra's current state, and the ending kind of introduced a new protagonist.
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xdean23 Level 10 Khaini Angelic Buster 1
I thought it was pretty good. I certainly looked forward to it every week.[/quote]

I mean, it's still good but the advertising was horrid. No announcements that new seasons were being made, no commercials or ANYTHING that said that Korra is coming back. The only way I heard about it was because of online and trailers.
Aug 22 2014
RicePaddyHero Level 175 Scania Blade Master
I feel as if The Legend Of Korra series was made more towards to young adults and up. They really should of just advertised and streamed it starting from the first season. It would have much more of an anime feel, rather than having it be on Nickelodeon. I read somewhere that LOK was the show with the highest ratings on Nick?
Aug 22 2014
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