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BERA HB pants stolen from me, such rage in my heart XD

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Hey the title says it all if anyone has any ideas on who took my pants( in the link below with my name on them) Give me a chat or whisp. I need to get these back and if you help me do so, your HB will be free for you and your friends. I know too good to be true, but thats how bad i want them back. So Bera Gimme a hand as I've done for so many of you i nthe past! XD

Also Trolls need not apply, I know your gain...
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ilovetacos Level 132 Bera Battle Mage 4
i'm sorry i took your pants, i just couldn't help it.
Sep 26 2010
JaJak Level 116 Windia Wild Hunter 3
I don't understand the situation, can you elaborate more?
Sep 26 2010
Wait... so if I find said pants...
Does that mean i don't have to pay the 50mil + collateral?
Or am I still required to cough up a collateral?
Sep 26 2010
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