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Update Oct 6: my apologies for all the site issues in the last 24-36 hours. I know there've been some big problems, including inability to log in. If you haven't been able to log in, didn't get a new password or couldn't sign up again, please try again. If you still can't and/or you don't remember your email, please email me at contact at basilmarket dot com with your ID and I'll help you get back in. Thanks for your patience.

Greetings Basilers!

Welcome to the new BM v10 engine! Sort of... as you can see there are still lots of issues. Much of the work involved in porting the site over has been done over the past couple of months. Unfortunately, there was no clean way to make the final jump except to pull the plug temporarily, which is what I did earlier today. Since then, I've been working on getting the site to a usable state.

We're not quite there yet. I've started a list below with known issues that I'm working on.

I thought it'd be better to put the site back up in a mostly working state rather than keeping it down for an extended period of time. Please bear with me while I resolve all the remaining issues.

Thanks for your patience and understanding

I can't log in!

BM is using much improved encryption for your login credentials. As such, everyone has to reset their password. The process is quite simple. If you have any problems please get in touch and we'll help.

To be updated

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4evavoodoo Level 149 Bera Bishop
Pro tip change back to basiils original format
Oct 09 2015
Berserk Level 69 Bera Kaiser 4
I don't like how the front page screens is so big, it take so much space from the page.
All forum smashed into 1 and the video screen is so big?? meh
Oct 09 2015
eecohch Level 203 Khaini Phantom 4
As someone who doesn't play Maplestory anymore, I normally visit Basil for the forums that do not concern the game. That being said, the new layout doesn't agree with me.
Oct 09 2015
smokennaruto Level 221 Broa Night Lord
i cant change my avatar i cant see my feedback ...
Oct 09 2015
rorik92 Level 210 Windia Night Walker 4 Memories Guild
I understand why you removed being able to see the comments of someone you're not friends with from their profile, but it's still kind of frustrating not to be able to read what else they have to say without knowing exactly what threads they have commented on. =x

Edit: I guess it was just a glitch, it seems to be fixed now. Keep up the good work!
Oct 09 2015
pavchka Level 150 Broa Shadower
+1 He's working on stuff right now, but he'll need better feedback than "You ruined things" and "Screw this I'm outta here". Give him time.
Oct 09 2015
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