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Basilversary 9, Who Caught That?

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SlyOne Level 210 Khaini Marksman
I can't be the only one that refreshed BasilMarket and saw "Basilversary #9 is here!" and I clicked it and it took me to a blank page.
I refreshed and it was gone.

Yay Mr.B!
Posted: January 2015 Permalink


raine8642 Level 172 Arcania Blaze Wizard 4
What does turn a corner turn a look mean for that clue
Jan 01 2015
raine8642 Level 172 Arcania Blaze Wizard 4
@SANbounty: i dont think that helps what the clue meant
Jan 01 2015
kienn Level 204 Scania Night Lord
I'm clicking the answer but it doesn't seem to work - help?
Jan 01 2015
Hayatchee Level 38 Scania Night Walker 2
My clue is crossed out (grey), but there's no letter
Jan 01 2015

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