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Battle mage drawing on paint. Screen


yourMISTAKEN Level 150 Bera Phantom 4
Dec 16 2010 Battle mage drawing on MS paint with a mouse and only a mouse.

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romperz Level 106 Yellonde Dragon Knight
no just no and at first i thought those coat buttons were nipples and was like 0.o
Dec 17 2010
He's underwater right? i can't tell if thats a fish or money bag ): or if the whole blue thingy in the back is his magic. Although this is better than anything i would ever do in paint xD
GJ! *o* +1
Dec 17 2010
yourMISTAKEN Level 150 Bera Phantom 4
he's holding a meso sack
and he is not under water, actually he is wayy above water, thats how you can see the land and water below.
Jan 11 2011

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