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Beast Tamer questions on Sp pool. Please help

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TL;DR : (Just read the two questions and answer if possible ).
One:. How much SP will a beast tamer have used at level 140?
Two:. Do Beast Tamers continue to gain SP after lv 140? (Might be a stupid question but, sorry. I see A lot of guides stating that you do, and they are 2015 ones. Not even Outdated ones. Misleading guides probably idk.
Why do I want to know? I want to see what I can max. and how much SP I'd have leftover. I honestly would main a Beast Tamer if they ever reopen the class to make.
Really appreciate it if a Lv.140+ Beast Tamer would help me on this.
I calculated 523 SP on my bucc at lv 140. Every class should gain around the same amount of SP, yeah? ( i could be completely wrong)
I know mages gain around 7 or so extra SP.
It takes around 1120+ SP to max all 4 jobs for beast tamer.
This has been bothering me for a long time. ;__;
What is the amount of SP Beast tamers can use.
Posted: February 2015 Permalink


twopointonefour Level 240 Scania Bow Master
I think you gain SP all the way to 200. I know mine at 123 didn't have any unused SP after the patch that changed 4th job SP.
Feb 14 2015
Alfiepoo1 Level 200 Windia Beast Tamer Cat
Beast Tamers gain SP all the way until 200. With the way their SP works, you can only max 2 animals fully, and still be able to add some more SP in the other 2 animals (of course you don't need to max every skill for each animal).
Feb 14 2015
MisterLuck Level 158 Scania Mercedes 4 BoarHat Guild
If you happen to collect the leafre card set you litterally save about 10 levels of SP and you could use that extra sp on another animal.
Feb 20 2015
MoonPaw Level 211 Kradia Beast Tamer Shared
Not all the skills on the animals are relevant, so you could skip some of them to max out others, so you could get most of bear and cat and almost have bird maxed as well (leopard become useless after 140) and bird's good for the speed stats and teleportation skills
Mar 04 2015

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