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Best Place to hide a Phone on your clothes

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WasabiAkira Level 170 Broa Night Lord
Okay lets say you ALWAYS have your phone with you, but you didnt want anyone to see it, lets say phones where illegal in the year 2013 and yet you still carried a phone with you, yet you need to hide it good enough that if you get stopped and searched it wouldnt be found.

Where would you hide you phone basilmarket?
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CountOnMe2 Level 222 Windia Wild Hunter 4
The same place I always do... No where cause IDGAF WHAT THE AUTHORITY SAYS @&$* THE POLICE.
Feb 09 2012
in ze anousss
Feb 09 2012
Biology Level 79 Broa Ranger
I'll hide mine in soflam's butt.
Feb 09 2012
I don't need phones, for I am telepathic.
Feb 09 2012
ThatMan Level 123 Broa Mechanic 4
If phones were to become illegal the government would just shut down every phone company and our phones would be useless.

And I don't need a phone. For I have messenger hawks.
Feb 09 2012
NiceGuys Level 183 Scania Night Lord
if the government found out about this thread, they would track u down XD
but if i had to hide it, i would just invent phants! (phone+pants) and with special glasses, only i could see em. and they only activate at my command!
Feb 09 2012
DColdhearts Level 150 Scania Shade 4
My pocket.
Feb 09 2012
>Everyone needs it all the time
Feb 09 2012
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