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Best way to ask a girl to prom?

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Jedi Level 16 Scania Beginner
List please
Posted: May 2013 Permalink


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BlueBocks Level 202 Bera Bishop
Poop on her face.
May 07 2013
cchpm Level 205 Broa Night Lord
Just dont make it cheesy. It is embarrassing ...
Just be direct & ask if she wants to go to prom.
May 07 2013
write "prom" in icing on a cupcake and give it to her
May 07 2013
Mewtwo Level 155 Windia Bishop Justaway Guild
murder her family and paint the walls with "Prom?"
May 07 2013
StolenTea Level 86 Bellocan Hermit
A scavenger hunt! At each special place she goes, she would find a rose with a hint and boom! PROM at the end! or Just ask your principal to borrow the intercom at the end of the day and ask her to prom!
May 07 2013
AmyrIin Level 160 Bera Bishop
What I would do is rent out the auditorium, have a piano, call her in when it's getting dark outside, and in like dim lights that only shine on u on stage, play the piano while serenading to her.

I hate public stuff, it coerces girls to say yes. This way, it's like nothing tangible but it's really special and affectionate.
May 07 2013
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