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Big Foot Patrols

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nilesboy Level 120 Mardia Night Walker 3
I'm just wonder which worlds have Big Foot Patrols in them please leave the world name if u have it.
Posted: August 2010 Permalink


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PeluchePower Level 150 Scania Paladin
I seen a guild named BFCops in Scania

But either way they fail, or dont KS at all
Aug 27 2010
we have this that bfp guild called turtles and some person said that broa bfp is gonna come... probably lies

EDIT: i just realized i posted on a dead thread... oops[/quote]

No, it's true. One member has moved to Bellocan although I'm not saying who. :o Prepare for drama in Bellocan, that is all.
Aug 27 2010
Mardia has it.[/quote]


Mardia does not have it
Aug 27 2010
Sorry for the bump.

I actually have a few methods to stop them, and no it doesn't do with spying on them.

Its a hack method though. Go to CPQ pick up a stunner/poison thing and use PE to do that on the victim. There, he's dead.
Aug 28 2010
Also, sorry for the bump (been reading this for a while ). Bellocan will never get drama... We have like 2 BF ks'ers, who suck.
Aug 28 2010
In Mardia, it's just a one-man job here

Jk, I quit a while back
Aug 28 2010
ya, it sux -.-[/quote]

not as bad as HT police.
but they suck at it miserably.
my guild went on a HT run and won... then again the next day. i think they finally gave up
Aug 28 2010
aloley Level 130 Bera Buccaneer
Bera could hav it 0_o BF killed me randomly then as I was dead a full party came and killed it[/quote]

That doesn't necessarily mean that it's a BF Police.. it could mean some random guild felt mean and did it as a one time thing.
Aug 28 2010
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