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Birthmarks- Where you were killed in your past life.

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PowPowHammer Level 133 Galicia Bishop
Mines under my right nipple. (In a form of a thinking cloud.)
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TrueRegret Level 201 Scania Bishop
Stabbed in the nutsack. Ouch.
Mar 07 2011
Chat Level 11 Demethos
My back. I got back stabbed D:<
Mar 07 2011
ClementZ Level 50 Windia Spearman Justaway Guild
A huge swath of scab-colored skin on my right hip.
Mar 07 2011
Liam Level 175 Windia Mihile 4 See what games, anime & art Liam is intoLiam
My forehead, its a small bump kind of thing.


is it a lightning shaped bump? >w>
Mar 07 2011
An indent in my skin on my butt. Well this is awkward.
Mar 07 2011
How do i die from a wound in my left wrist
Mar 07 2011
ZxlceSinxZ Level 120 Bera Hero
Mine is in the shape of africa right above my privates.
I wonder how that happend...
Mar 07 2011
Lasorbeams Level 94 Arcania Mercedes 3
is it a lightning shaped bump? >w>[/quote]

No, its a small circle. I have like 3 of them.

Dang, shot in the head 3 times. **AWESOME**
Mar 07 2011
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