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Bittersweet Endings

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SunsetChaos Level 105 Mardia Bishop
What do you think of bittersweet endings? That kind of ending that should be happy, yet just feels sad. You don't know whether to smile or cry.
Posted: July 2014 Permalink

Bittersweet Endings

46%13 / 28Love it
7%2 / 28Hate it
46%13 / 28T~T


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HolyBloodly Level 205 Scania Dark Knight
I love them. It's my favorite type of ending. They tend to be even better tearjerkers than really sad anime.

Bittersweet > Sad > Happy
Jul 30 2014
LitheMovement Level 176 Bellocan Night Lord
Stopped taking those endings seriously. In the end, I just laugh at them.
Jul 30 2014
Sleepyx714 Level 119 Bera Angelic Buster 4
Guilty Crown's ending got me pretty good.
Jul 30 2014
kcwt Level 123 Nova Luminous 4
If T~T means love and hate, then yes.
Bittersweet gives the most amount of feels.
Jul 30 2014
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