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Blowing up the Godly Nisrok. Video

By DerpHurrDer

Mar 03 2011 My friend quit awhile ago and well. You can read up :

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Asianscott Level 208 Scania Paladin
154 attk go bye bye
Mar 04 2011
We need people like you to level out the economy, thank you for your good deed sir.
Mar 04 2011
Row row fight the bad economy!
Mar 05 2011
Roy8484 Level 187 Scania Corsair
to get 5 in a row is amazing enough but your greed got you.
Mar 05 2011
wow that was probably worth like 5b
Mar 05 2011
oh dam.. O_____O D:...

mayteeeee.. i felt a burn :O
but omg.. LOL..
D: :X
Mar 05 2011

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