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Bowmaster build post tempest

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XxAritoxX Level 160 Bera Kaiser 4
Hey basil , I'm looking for a SP guide for the hunter tree after the tempest patch

can anyone help me ? thanks
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MeMagicalPie Level 210 Kradia Bow Master Sanctuary Guild
Skill build > Max everything i have 40 extra sp at the end
AP > all dex
Nov 30 2012
twopointonefour Level 240 Scania Bow Master
Any un-maxed skills pre-tempest are now just left at level 14 instead.

Ie. Silver Hawk or Strafe.
Nov 30 2012
pheonixboii Level 192 Bera Bow Master
would have been nice if they gave us a an ap reset aswell =S
Nov 30 2012
misslime Level 25 Bera Evan 2nd Growth
would have been nice if they gave us a an ap reset aswell =S[/quote]
They do at both Hot Day and at the Tempest Shop.
Though if you don't play much, you miiight not be able to get the coins for the AP reset.
Nov 30 2012
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