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Bowmasters Hurrican Split

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Mercaydez Level 124 Scania Mercedes 4
It's getting more and more unlikelier that we will be getting 5th job[/quote]

How so?
Nov 01 2014
ValiumClouds Level 200 Kradia Corsair
It's basically Ishtars Ring that Mercedes get but with a higher %damage i believe.. That's how i get it anyway haha, on top of this if BM's can set up a turret of arrow blaster/platter they'll have a great dpm
Nov 02 2014
ggames Level 150 Bellocan Bishop
Unlikelier..... LOL
Nov 05 2014
airforce1 Level 202 Zenith Bow Master
@bluebomber24: Are you enjoying educating the newest generation of maplers ?[/quote]

I had hoped that BMs had gotten smarter in my absence. I can see that I was wrong. Oh so very wrong. I'm so glad I don't get to deal with this anymore
Nov 06 2014
archusz Level 201 Scania Bow Master
more chance to afa and magic arrow
Nov 09 2014
twopointonefour Level 240 Scania Bow Master
more chance to afa and magic arrow[/quote]

How do you figure that? Hurricane hitting twice doesn't count each hit as a chance to activate AFA or Magic Arrow.
Nov 09 2014
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