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Burning Character

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cygnusfate Level 203 Mardia Blade Master
So I've never done this burning character event and I'd like to know if i burn one character and get it to 100 can I then burn another character after that? Or is it just 1 character and thats it?
Posted: January 2016 Permalink


kaiser Level 50 Scania Kinesis 2
One character per account. Once your burning character gets to level 100+ you cannot create another one.
Jan 15 2016
edatron Level 220 Kradia Kaiser 4
If the current event is the same as the previous ones, then it is one character per world, per account.
Jan 16 2016
blindnbright Level 209 Bera Night Lord TwerksGently Guild
As everyone else has stated, yes one character per world per account, BUT hopefully they'll give us "Burning Character Season 2(?)" so that we get to do another burning character after this current Burning event is over! IIRC if you decide you want to make a different burning character after already making one, you can delete the current burning character you just made and apply the effect on another eligible character!
Jan 16 2016
winterfellstark Level 211 Scania Xenon 4
They do burning events all the time.
Jan 16 2016

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