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Chair glitch, invincible? [root abyss pierre] Video

By Gildarts

Gildarts Level 212 Broa Kaiser 4 Influx Guild
Apr 27 2014 Typical Root Abyss, tends to be glitchy lol
Sorry if it looks laggy, my computer can't really handle my recording program and maplestory at the same time.

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hgvd Level 51 Khaini Brawler
Can you attack?
If not, I don't really see a purpose
Apr 30 2014
MapleBhav Level 204 Khaini Aran 4
Lol yeah I noticed this as well a while back, that if you sit down on that chair before the hat drops on you, you can move. xD Works for both regular pierre and chaos pierre. -Hopes Nexon doesn't patch it-
Jun 11 2014

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