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Chairs that keep you safe

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wickedtmage Level 216 Broa Mercedes 4
Ok so I have googled a ton of stuff to find out chairs that your safe in in SH.
Nothing pre 2015, so which chairs actually protect you at SH?

PS sucks you cant change title in edit.
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dualofh Level 190 Bera Blade Master
Planet chairs
Aug 05 2015
wickedtmage Level 216 Broa Mercedes 4
Does the carrot chair still work?
Ya I have the head, thought it was the best then ya.... patch and not so good
Aug 05 2015
savaah Level 210 Demethos Kinesis 4
whats a cahir
Aug 05 2015
Lohd Level 229 Bera Bishop
@cowsonfire Does Candy Flower actually raise your hit-box? Last I tried it didn't work

All the Planet chairs (The one that's easiest to obtain is the saturn chair), all the Constellation chairs, Mesoranger arms (not the head), Magic Book chair, Music Note chair
Aug 05 2015
tysmoosion Level 201 Reboot Battle Mage 4 Escada Guild
Easiest one is the tots know how chair. It works!
Aug 05 2015
cowsonfire Level 250 Bellocan Marksman See what games, anime & art cowsonfire is intoCowsonfire
@hyhfct: Worked for me on the top step. Might've been because the person was actively clearing out the middle platform though.
Aug 06 2015

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