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Character Screen Screen

By EnzoNick

EnzoNick Level 134 Windia Bishop
Jan 02 2014 Thought I'd use this as benchmark of some sort before I attempt to re-play some of my rarely used characters. Class and level from left to right: Pregamble 113 Lumi, AntecFusion 76 Kanna, EnzoNick 120 Bishop, SolarDensity 80 Merc, Kaisanator 103 Kaiser, Usefulled 105 Dark Knight, MikEren 180 Zero, AttackOnNick 40 Brawler

(side note: yes, I have low levels. After level 100 I usually get bored of my characters lol)

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iCodykins Level 150 Zenith Night Walker 4
+1 I just started working on a lot of my older characters. I got my NL 188->202, and my Kanna 134->204 in about a week!

Some other ones I did were Phantom 144->150, Wind Archer 132->134 (lol). Got a Zero to 187, and made a new Hayato (wanted a female one because my male one was ugly). Now I need to work on my Demon Avenger and Xenon for the level 120 link skills.
Jan 03 2014
Rann Level 202 Mardia Hero
I am currently working on adventurer warriors (or warriors in general), so far I have a 200 Kaiser, 188 Paladin, 176 Hero, 13x Dawn Warrior, 120 Demon Slayer, 105 Hayato, 107 Zero and a 85 drk Not a fan of Aran though...I remember getting it to level 50 for the 1st ring was a pain
Jan 06 2014

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