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Common Scams and How to Avoid Them

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smartguy11 Level 119 Broa Hermit
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[url=]Common Scams and How to Prevent Them[/url]
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MesoLover Level 117 KradiaEMS Mercedes 4
Awesome guide, iv'e never been scammed before (except for selling 2x rep 2mil ah well ^^) but someone tried it i was lucky cos i so the scam on youtube (i research scams to avoid them was the copy item money "glitch" scam) but those u showed were great and know i know these i will remember these scams forever AWESOME GUIDE!
Oct 14 2009
Thank you very much for the guide and it would definitely be useful to all the maplers out there
Oct 18 2009
"You've Been Had" LOL nice guide and ive been hacked plenty of times. cant forget getting ripped off... thats always fun >.
Oct 18 2009
**Name:** The best but worst MTS deal around.
**Intro:** Great deals arent always that great.
**Situation:** Your browsing in the mts, and see a great price. 2 60% glove att scrolls for just 1k nx! You have 15k nx and decide to buy it. But somthings wrong, you only have 4k nx left! It turns out what appeared to be 1k nx, was actually 11k nx, with the first 1 being blocked by the end of the guys name (usually ending in an "M". You've been had.
**How to prevent this:** If any letter crosses over into the price section, always look closely at that/those letters. there is usually a very small portion of the number in the price sticking out of the letter blocking it. Also, if its too good to be true, it probably is.
Oct 25 2009
iLoveAus Level 50 Kradia Gunslinger
This guide is really good...the COPY scam and the super fast trade scam (12m steelies, get only 1.2m) happened to me b4 -_-

But I never knew about some of the other scams...the Gold Digger one surprised me quite a bit...but some of these scams are very tedious.
Oct 26 2009
Eyelit Level 165 Bera Mercedes 4
Nice guide. You just told everyone how to scam.
Oct 26 2009
GREAT GUIDE. the drop game thing happened to me, it was like the second time playing and i wasn't to familiar to it and i trusted this guy, i can't believe i did, but he was cool and kinda nice. so we were CPQing and we won and for like 10 minutes we could find a game, so he's ike "hey lets play a drop game" we started inside CPQ waiting room, and then the 3 minute room, and then some how we ended up at kerning city. I was dropping my best items and he was dropping his best. i think im a honest guy, and i could of, but didnt take any of his stuff. i was dropping silver idenitys and a whip (that i worked SO hard for) and dark slains. it was pretty fun. until he kept spamming "drop whip" and so i did 'cause i did once and he dropped it and i got it back. so this time he got it and i said "nice drop it" and he drops jeans. and i was getting irritated and told him "cmon just drop it" and thats when he ran away. i tracked him and i asked for it and i told him how i got it, then he told me to show him my good stuff, i put in kfan and silver idenity and he said " i really want this whip, but you can have -( i didnt know what it was but it looked good, it was level 100+ and it was a sword.) my kfan and the hat was in the trade window, i was familiar with this scam and told him " just cmon dude just give it back to the right thing" and he's like i g2g and left. just don't play drop games, its really not that fun... f4 f4 f4
Oct 26 2009
smartguy11 Level 119 Broa Hermit
Nice guide. You just told everyone how to scam.[/quote]

So go scam someone.
Oct 27 2009
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