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[Complete] GMS Connectivity Issues 2.14.12

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DrHye Level 90 Windia Marauder

Dear Maplers,
The unscheduled server maintenance is complete as of 3:00 AM Pacific (6:00 AM Eastern). The stability issue that resulted in this maintenance has been addressed.

Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this maintenance.
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diosoth Level 210 Bellocan Aran 4
Bellocan has crashed and my attempts to log back in just disconnect the game.
Feb 15 2012
achyif Level 172 Windia Night Lord See what games, anime & art achyif is intoachyif
meh southperry isn't showing this so it's a weird crash.... different than usual

edit: there is no reason for a big rollback
-the three purposeful rollbacks ever in gms history: two were meso exploits that brought items up to RIDICULOUS prices (like 1000% inflation) and the third was constant server crashes which made the game unplayable
-the last times there were major item dupes: chaos scroll dupe - nexon played the trust game; that didn't work well so unlikely that they will every do it again. GM scroll dupe - nexon did nothing except for taking forever to come around and patch it. Enhance hack and dupe: nexon takes years to actually aknowledge and delete some; meanwhile, hundreds/thousands are now circling around. Also might want to mention, though not completely related, that nexon did nothing about the familiar hack.
-nexon knows by now that we HATE rollbacks. hence their very generous compensation for the last rollback. They've taken awhile to notice (if they even have yet) so when they finally do, all nexon will be able to do is to ban the few key offenders (who have made thousands by now) and ban a few legits in the process (although they aren't really "legit" anymore) If they do make any rollback, they will likely compensate us very nicely (more 3x, anyone?)

there will be no major rollback.
Feb 15 2012
Suckitms Level 137 Scania I/L Arch Mage
rollback is only option to stop duping... let see how many people will quit if rollback happened from feb 14 to feb 6 then i vote "i" as im one of those people will quit the game and put ...l... -middle finger at nexon face! >.< >.<
Feb 15 2012
superomosh Level 163 Bera Blade Recruit
If there is a rollback im going to kill myself. I JUST bought a shop and made some money...-_-
Feb 15 2012
xRawrImScary Level 145 Khaini Blade Master
OMG PLASEEEEE RB NOW NEXON<3 Let's go back a month for all I care. Just rb this
Feb 15 2012
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