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Corsair or Bucc?

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d2girls Level 190 Bera Shadower
I've literally only played one class extensively, and that's the thief class. I've dabbled in other ranged classes, but nothing ever past lvl 50-60, and NOTHING since BB or even RED. I'm determined to stick with the explorer class, they just seem simpler, but I could be persuaded...

Could someone tell me the benefits of each class? Which class has more bossing potential? Which class is more fun? Which is more expensive to fund?

Thanks for any help, I'm hoping someone will convince me to start playing a pirate, as I'm looking to try something new, I figure it's about time, it being 2016 and all!
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terrorface Level 234 Reboot Night Lord
Cannoneers are also an Explorer job, despite a different beginning. Many NLs I know, including myself, play one on the side. So if you liked being a NL, could be worth considering. I feel the job is better put together than Corsairs and Buccs. Corsairs need a little polishing because their whole summons dealy is kinda odd. Buccs need quite a bit of work because, even though their numbers in future patches may look nice, the mechanics of their abilities and what they provide outside of said numbers are clunky and feel they need a good looking at from Nexon. Cannoneers, on the other hand, are really solid.

But the best part about Cannoneers is the feel of their main attacks. Like it feels so good to be blowing monsters up with Cannon Bazooka and Cannon Barrage. Even though the others do have it, I feel Nautilus Strike just fits with the feel of a Cannoneer really well. BOOM! ^^

Edit: You also get a little monkey friend to be with you at all times. He's really cute.
Apr 15 2016
okaythen Level 125 Windia Buccaneer
Most bossing potential = Cannoneer
Most expensive to fund = Cannoneer
Most fun = I like them all. Except bucc 2nd job (that tornado move is dumb). Fun is completely subjective though.

If I were you, I'd choose cannoneer or buccaneer because they both use STR so you can switch between the two without getting new gear.
BUT if you find corsair to be the most fun, stick with that.
Fun wins every time.
Apr 16 2016
believemenot Level 200 Bera Bishop
corsair is a very strong candidate for the worst class in maplestory. For a long ranged class, their rapid fire only reaches 2/3 that of shade's, a melee class. Their damage output is below even that of mihile, and their survivability is laughable.

They are the ultimate combination of every lackluster trait in maplestory and ever since Corsair's conception, the class has been absolute gutter reject. No one plays the class for this reason, and even the strongest corsair in maplestory has half the range of most other classes.

If you really want a horrible experience and waste money on PSOKS and cubing %dex pirate gear that has 0 resellability, I recommend corsair.

TLDR: go with cannoneer
Apr 16 2016
snailpresident Level 220 Demethos Corsair
tl;dr Play what you like. You won't put the effort into any of these classes if you aren't motivated or interested to begin with.

Cannoneer: Requires as much funding as a shadower. Ridiculous number of lines, but struggle against certain boss mechanics more than other bossing classes (hellux and lotus specifically) due to their stationary attack style. All bosses are doable, but some may be more challenging for you even if they aren't meant to be the hardest ones. Easy to train due to high reach and high initial damage. If you like having infinite potential, this is a class to consider.

Corsair: Requires funding similar to a bowmaster. At best it's middle tier dpm currently, closer to the top with the balance KMS just received. Squishy and hard to train up. Definitely the most annoying to train to 210 out of all 3, if not the most annoying class to train in the game. Though, with minimal effort put into their gear, they are no squishier than anything else at level 150+. Corsair has the utility and mobility to solo any boss.

Buccaneer: The hard mode of cannoneer. Like them, buccs boss with a stationary skill that requires lots of funding to bring to viable damage. They rely on their rush skill to get around somewhat easier. They struggle with bosses more than cannoneers because they can't attack with high dps from range on command. It's a class you can make work, but it takes more work. You have to really want to make it happen with this one. They do train easily, like cannoneer with similar high reach and high base dmage. However, they need to maintain their unleashed form to keep up with a cannoneer's efficiency.

@believemenot: I have a similar range to most other people who cap, thanks.
I have to say basing which class to play based on how much you'll make should you hate it is pretty idiotic. Didn't @Wall just call you out for not knowing how Shade works?
Apr 17 2016

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