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Crossheider - ATK 18, STR 14 Screen

By sabakigan

Jan 28 2011 Not the very best, but I'm proud of it. Over the course of a few weeks I threw 8 70's down on this 3lined Crossheider when it was still rare. Today I finally perfected the last slot with a 60% after failing one beforehand. Only 2 white scrolls were used. Still gunning for unique though.

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You should cube that. ;DDD
Jan 28 2011
can i make a offer lol?
Jan 28 2011

Godly heroes and paladins will so die for it [/quote]

Nubby ones would too.
Jan 28 2011
How do you fail a scroll "beforehand"? Just a little confused hehe !

Anyway, nice job![/quote]

I used a white scroll with the 9th scroll, and it failed but the white scroll let me not lose a slot. The 10th scroll total worked though.
Jan 29 2011
Wow. It sucks. Glasses still rare? Tough luck
Jan 29 2011

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