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Cwk Jumpquest

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TheGemChild Level 202 Khaini Phantom 4 Lift Guild
I heard there were prequests in order to access the jumpquest to get to Crimsonwood Keep. Does anyone know which ones they are because I dont want to do all the quests in NLC. Just the necessary ones.
Posted: February 2014 Permalink


SpiritBag Level 240 Windia Shadower Corona Guild
You don't have to do any prequests to do the jumpquest. There are some quests you can do to get an item that lets you skip the jumpquest though.
Feb 15 2014
Quickjumper7 Level 23 Windia
Anyone can access the jumpquest. There are quests that can get you to and through the jumpquest much more easily, though. The Map of Phantom Forest will let you easily get to the jump quest. The Marker of Heroism let's you use teleportation spots in the jump quest to easily get through it.

If you want to know which quests you HAVE to do, look up those items and figure out which quests they come from. But my recommendation is to do all of the quests, as the dialogue is actually very interesting.
Feb 15 2014

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