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DZ - Halloween Fever // by DeityZiex Video

By ZeroKnightz

ZeroKnightz Level 135 Scania Dark Knight
Sep 29 2010 Another Halloween Special, another early one.
Can't wait for Carlos' Halloween Fever 2. Hope that'll be out soon.


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Part 2, please.
I love your work, xD :]
Sep 30 2010
lol at the guy dressing up as a noob for halloween
Sep 30 2010
rigthouskill, it's a noob dressing as a noob. LOL
Oct 01 2010
tallboy291 Level 160 Demethos Phantom 4
08:09 to 9:12 is the maple acedemy music where you had to dress up like apples!
Oct 02 2010
I WANTS PART2!but i was creeped out by dream, guy thinking bad stuff, car gone, car kill dude
Oct 02 2010
Zearoa Level 200 Scania Buccaneer Aurix Guild
Nice Video! I enjoyed watching!
Oct 06 2010

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