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Dawn Warrior training at level 100

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argon321 Level 199 Broa Night Lord
Hi Basil!

Well, right now i'm level 100 with my dawn warrior, i always train tigether with my GF and HS mule, and right now i am at krus and captains, and i am getting about 90% per hour, which i believe is a tad slow.

But anyways, is that %/hour good and i am just complaining too much? xD or is there any better spot to train at with a partner?

Any advice is welcomed.
Posted: February 2011 Permalink


It's fine.
That should be fast for your level.
Feb 16 2011
TerYanPui Level 94 Scania
Eh.. Since you have Soul Drive, aren't you suppose to train faster? My 103 Mechanic gets a level an hr. Anyways, I don't think 90% per hour is bad. Krus and Captains aren't that good because of your misses. I'd go MP3 til 102-103 and then go to Captains/Krus. It gives to 10-15% less chance to miss. Besides, if you keep missing, it'll be a major pot burn.
Feb 16 2011
idk, but my mech at lvl 103 in pirate den 2 solo with RnS got a lvl every 30 minutes
Feb 16 2011
DarkEternity Level 61 Scania Brawler
Indeed it is quite slow.

I'm training at captains outside minidungeon, solo I get around 190%/hour.

Note: My DW has crap sword, crap shield, and % luk SCG. He is severely unfunded.
Feb 16 2011
Well if ur GF = hs mule then idk wats going on, unless its you, gf, HS mule, cus more people = more dividing, i prefered going mini dungeon with capts and jumping + Soul Driver (1hit), u can clear 2 plats with 1 SD, use Soul Flashjump to move around faster
i went lvl 103 - 113 with my D/W, but i guess keep the HS mule but unparty after u get the HS, or mak sure HS mule aint high lvl enough to leech EXP~
Feb 20 2011

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