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xshadow92 Level 186 Reboot Dark Knight See what games, anime & art xshadow92 is intoxshadow92
Let's say you had 200m and nothing else purely for merching. Given the events prices and economy today, how and what would you do/use/merch to get up to say...2-4b and around how long would that normally take?

Also what would you buy first to start things off?
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hardtomiss Level 180 Bera Demon Slayer 4
Oct 28 2014
Fluxxxxx Level 203 Kradia Zero Transcendent
I'd rather sell a bit of nx to get started. Then waste my time slowly getting to a decent amount to merch with.

But probably a few days.
Oct 28 2014
CherryTigers Level 212 Windia Phantom 4 Boundless Guild See what games, anime & art CherryTigers is intoCherryTigers
This is actually how I started off as a merchant. I fit your shoes pretty perfectly. I started this game with no friends, no guild, no nx, no mesos, no characters, no knowledge of the game or anything. I didn't even know what a nebulite was and as for item potentials, I feared them since they were so complicated. It took a lot of courage and thinking for me to step my feet into merching. This is my story.

Back in 2012, I did crafting and sold intermediate item crystals until I reached 200m (took me 2 weeks of HARD work) and then I started crafting ABR and DABR till I reached 1b mesos. At 1b, I bought my first mushie and began my biggest merch venture: monopolizing phantom skill books. I was able to almost double the price of skill books. People were buying Impec memory and priere d'aria books from me for 120-140m and 60-80m respectively. The next venture for myself was when fusion anvils came out. My merch partner (I did some networking) and I teamed up and started scrolling level 10 branch noses (they were newly released from gachapon) and used scrolls from azwan to scroll noses and fuse them to smiling/crying masks and rat mouths. We also added 1% nebs of the respective stat so we could raise the price even more. A nose that cost me 400m to make was able to sell for up to 1.2b. My scrolled+anviled noses were selling for even higher than the real smiling masks.

I was a pioneer. I stepped in places where others did not step in first and because of it, I was able to go from 0-100b in 6 months of merching.

If you want more info on networking to find merch partners and figuring out resources, I do have merch guide videos on those topics.

Right now? If I started in my home server with my friends, I'd just start doing gollux runs and sell them scroll services. Could reach 2-4b in 1 week or so.
Nowadays? Assuming I started fresh in a NEW server that I've never been on, I'd take a while to get my first 2-4b since I'd have to learn the economy and build my network of connections. Of course, I can cheat a little since I am a YouTuber so people from other servers will know who I am. That'll make it easy for me to get help, join a guild, get loans, trade NX etc. Assuming I was not a YouTuber and assuming I was unknown, it would take me a while to do it, but it would be no different to how I started off in Windia.

Remember, one step at a time and also remember, every pro started off as a noob too.

So you want to know how a merchant is successful? A merchant is his own LEADER.
**If an aspiring merchant can't figure out things for himself without holding someone's hand, then maybe being a merchant isn't for that person.**

Right now, people are complaining about the economy. What's my opinion? Yes, the economy is broken and it needs fixing, but even so, us merchants by definition find loop-holes in the system. That's why we don't even need to spend real life money to buy nx. REGARDLESS of the shape of the economy, a good merchant will always prosper.
Oct 28 2014
freezenlight Level 48 Khaini Battle Mage 2
this is something that you need to figure out yourself, if it was easy as telling you we would all be rich.
If the guides available online don't help you, we really cant give you anymore advice.
Oct 28 2014
Questime Level 202 Yellonde Zero Transcendent
With the luck I had a few months ago in 3-5days, with my current luck 1 month. Also fm decreased by half ever since the end of summer which makes merching so much harder now
Oct 28 2014
Let's say you had 200m and nothing else purely for merching. Given the events prices and economy today, how and what would you do/use/merch to get up to say...2-4b and around how long would that normally take?

Also what would you buy first to start things off?[/quote]

You can make money from nothing ya know...

I just sold like 3000 black crystals 1000 hysops 14000 juniper berry seeds 1000 adamantium / bronze 1500 opal/silver. (Took like 2-3 days to refine/sell but meh, didn't take an actual long time to farm it all)

As for how long. I can farm 15000 black crystal ores + 15000 juniper berry seeds + 15000 juniper flowers in 2 hrs 30 min w/ drop rate gear + spider fam + 2x event + 2x drop card + kanna in evo world. (2 hr 30 min for 5 evo runs) Ofc you won't have drop gear so that'll hurt you a bit but w/e. At least it's money? (Also be a luminous instead of a MM, you could probably farm as well as me w/ drop gear as a drop gear-less lumi)

15000 BC = more than 2000 BC = 2b. 15000 juniper berry seeds = 50m x 15 = 750m.
I could even turn the 2000 BC into 20 furies and get 4b for that but I hate typhons... ice resistance is annoying...

It's probably not even worth merching starting w/ 200m. You could make more farming superior item crystals (roughly 40m/hr)..

Commerci runs, gollux farming, mining heartstones, harvesting veins. Just get some sort of list and get going and you'll be rich in no time o_O (or at least richer)
Oct 28 2014
AngelicSith Level 205 Broa Demon Avenger 4
just dont spend your money on equips. merch until youre in 10b and then you can spend SOME on equips
Oct 28 2014
Blackinup Level 202 Windia Luminous 4 Corona Guild
I spend all my money on trash lol It's a habit I can't stop.
Oct 28 2014
I spend all my money on trash lol It's a habit I can't stop.[/quote]

I do that too much
Oct 28 2014
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