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colinl101 Level 70 Windia Night Walker 3
If you have anything that is on your mind, and don't feel comfortable sharing them with anyone that is close to you, or if you feel it is easier talking about your problems to complete strangers, then go ahead and share them here!

I, along with any other basilers that would also like to help out if they want, will try our very best to help you out and/or give you advice on any situation that you may be facing that you, yourself, may not how to deal with.

There was also an old thread like this long ago by @PookyMooky but that thread has been locked, so I figured I'd try to start another one.
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pinoymystic Level 139 Khaini Paladin See what games, anime & art pinoymystic is intopinoymystic
just with getting into/moving into school. trying to do stuff with financial aid and whatnot.

other than that, i'm doing fine. nothing really bothering me. i've stopped caring about how a lot of the people i used to be friends with have no intentions of ever being my friend. it's understandable. i'm not a great person. i think my only regret is that i've tried way too hard for people and i knew i shouldn't have.
Sep 05 2015
windowlegs Level 142 Kradia Buccaneer
@zetradedd: is the relationship even working....if you have to break up so often, shouldnt you just move on? =(
Sep 05 2015
zetradedd Level 202 Broa Kaiser 4
@windowlegs: IDK. I think it's working. I know other people who left for school and broke up w their SO's after like a few weeks, so I think we have something real. I'm seeing her soon and it feels different. It feels like when we were together now honestly, it just feels like we hang out hella long in between times now lol. It's not so bad right now. But overall I do think it's working, if we haven't broken up yet
Sep 05 2015
flushphantom Level 133 Chaos Night Lord
Need to be more sociable, I stutter and I rarely have anything interesting to say plus I'm awkward when I do
Sep 06 2015
4evavoodoo Level 149 Bera Bishop
Yah everythings gr8 except family
Sep 06 2015
joiry Level 220 Windia Phantom 4
Failing math, something im supposed to be good at
Sep 06 2015
norman897 Level 49 Cassiopeia Blaze Wizard 2 See what games, anime & art norman897 is intonorman897
Any nice ways to save cash?

Like to cut down on expenses?
Sep 06 2015
School started a few weeks ago, and I'm already off to a really bad start. I started off horribly in my math, history, and english classes and I'm afraid I'm just going to keep doing worse. Given how terribly I've been doing in academics, I don't know what I'm going to do about the SAT either.. even though I know I should be signing up for it before the new one comes out, I'm afraid that I'm just going to fail that too.
In addition to that, the programs I joined during my freshman year have been falling apart. My journalism adviser is on administrative leave and my former speech and debate coach was fired at the end of last year. Because of the situation, I've found myself surrounded by talk about lawyers, politics, protests, and all things activism.. To be quite honest, I'm really tired of it. I used to really like going to debate, but now I find it hard to get myself to practice and do speeches again.
I also got flaked by someone I was excited to hang out with during the summer. He started messaging me out of nowhere recently, and I'm not sure how to feel about that..
Sep 06 2015
dorks Level 215 Bera Night Lord AUniversityO Guild See what games, anime & art dorks is intoDorks
i'm still reeling from what happened between me and my church and i don't really want to discuss it bc i shouldn't be but update from that is that the person who usually looked after me asked me to chat recently but with helping my housemates get settled in and a final next thurs, she had to text me instead and i told her i wasn't going to come back

other than that, this is my last year in uni. i've done so well over the last year but i feel like it won't be enough. a lot of dietetic internships ask for a 3.0+ gpa but honestly won't even consider you unless you're 3.5+ with lots of extracurriculars/internships. at some point i already decided i wasn't going to be a dietitian anymore anyways, maybe a nutritionist or diet tech but i just feel so lost. someone i know that's already graduated isn't even working in the field, she's just working and doing diet plans for friends and family on the side but more because ppl know she studied nutrition.
i don't want to go to grad school bc i can't afford it
i flaked on volunteering this whole summer because i have this weird creeping depression coming on like i am okay but i'm lowkey just anxious and feel like i'm drowning so maybe it's time to see a therpist again
Sep 07 2015
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