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Does anyone else miss the social aspects of the game?

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amanitamuscaria Level 84 Scania Chief Bandit
Hey guys, I'm an old player, been playing this game since the beta days. This game has kept me entertained for many years. I saw the game changes over the years for the worse and the better, but there was one thing that always kept me coming back and play, and it was the social part, but this time after returning from a long break I found out this part was gone. Back in the day I had like 100 friends on every character, now I can barely find one.. and it kills my motivation to play. I want some friends to chat and chill with from time to time, you can't just grind endlessly..

so if you feel like me and want to bring some life to the game - let's give it a chance in this thread, post your character ign, server and any other information you would like to add, and let people add you!

I'll start -
Ign: LilithQueen (level 84 chief bandit)
Server: Scania
Feel free to add me! would like to meet you online
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hmongshaman Level 184 Bera Shadower
Why would I give my soul back to Maplestory? I just got it back and now you want me to give it back?
Nov 09 2017
ruby1122334455 Level 130 Scania Bow Master
I totally agree with this, I have been looking for a cool guild for this same reason after a long break. Add me though:
ign:IAmRubyy (130 something bow master)
Server: Scania
Nov 09 2017
increveisuma Level 120 Bera Demon Avenger 1
everyone moved to Bera when the servers merged.
Nov 11 2017
shieid Level 162 Scania Dark Knight
ign: DrNyan (195 Dark Knight)
Server: Scania

I don't know how long I'll be playing because I tend to cycle through games, but I'll be playing for a little while.
Nov 16 2017
smartguy1801 Level 202 Scania Zero Transcendent Exalted Guild
ign: RinMugen
Server: Reboot
Class: Level 100 Hayato

Just got back into maple for nostalgia reasons....and for losing the password to my 4+ year old account that I can never get back. New goal is to get Hayato to 200 and to get into a guild to kill and chill.
Nov 16 2017

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