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Does clean slating an enhanced item reduce its stars?

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Does clean slating an enhanced (star forced/(A)EE'd) item reduce the amount of stars?

I read another thread on this and one person (@morrie2) said:

"Yes it also removes 1 star, however, if the star gave +3 it will only take -2, thats why all the pros keep a slot failed on their items, this way starring and then slating, failing a scroll and starring again. Can get you many extra star bonus. But its a really mesosinking process, so its inly worth it if you are in the higher range(2m+) edit: the opposite of cheap is a curse word on basil?"

Is this true at all? I have only read people recommending to fully scroll (including hammers) before enhancing an item. In other words, not to clean slate after enhancing.

Would you guys recommend fully (perfect) scrolling before enhancing?
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hungry Level 210 Scania Night Lord
People generally finish scrolling weapons before enhancing because the amount of attack you get from star forcing depends on the attack/m.atk of the weapon. For example, enhancing prematurely may only get you 4 atk rather than 5 atk each enhance. For armor/accessories it's always 2 stats for stars 1-5, 3 stats for stars 6-15.
I don't understand what morrie2 means but slating does not remove enhances. I have yet to see any equip with higher stat than one primed with 15 enhances.
Aug 07 2016
ecarina Level 245 Galicia Cannoneer 4
No it doesn't remove stars and no one keeps a slot failed on their items.
Aug 07 2016

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