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Dragon lord ruby Screen

By ogof

Oct 01 2010 Cost far too much in gach to get all nine chocolates. To top it off, I believe no one in Broa has one of the pendants. Oh well, I am going to try again if I can ever get NX.

On another note, I love the kitty chair. ^-^

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Lol i remember seeing you get it, I was saying to all my guildies " I bet he doesn't have the pendant" haha. 50% success, sucks if it fails.
Oct 01 2010
deedeedee401 Level 93 Scania Dawn Warrior 3
new best necklace?
Oct 01 2010
Just chaos a chtp..
Or get a MoN.[/quote]

Why would you chaos a chtp? That's just so stupid. You'd be much better off egging it.
Remember you can only chaos it twice too.
Oct 01 2010
Mageklan Level 166 Broa Evan 10th Growth
is your name coming from Blessthefall by any chance?
Oct 01 2010
o0dante0o Level 150 Broa Shadower
Hey I see Ma3an [/quote]

Hehe, and I says Hai.
Oct 01 2010
is your name coming from Blessthefall by any chance?[/quote]

No. No it does not, someone pointed that song out to me quite a while after I made my name and I am not a fan.
Oct 01 2010

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