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Drink combinations

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dexslayer Level 133 Demethos Jett 4
What are some great drink combinations you've tried before? Mountain dew and blue gatorade is awesome!
Posted: July 2014 Permalink


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LostMyJob Level 81 Scania Priest
water + water = urine?
Jul 21 2014
OnlineMusic Level 50 Windia Cannoneer 2 See what games, anime & art OnlineMusic is intoOnlineMusic
I tried mixing some cheap vodka with an arizona and some orange gatorade yesterday. It was okay.
Jul 21 2014
Chromatim Level 200 Elnido Shadower
surprsingly, orange juice and vodka 0.o
Jul 21 2014
Blackest Level 115 KradiaEMS Blade Lord
surprsingly, orange juice and vodka 0.o[/quote]

better known as a mimosa
Jul 21 2014
Pressurized ammonia and bleach!
Jul 21 2014
TheDudeAbides Level 128 Demethos Demon Slayer 4
chamomille tea with honey, almond milk and cayenne pepper
Jul 21 2014
dmcasian Level 151 Windia Dark Knight
Absolute vodka + Sprite is my personal favorite.
Jul 21 2014
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