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fangblade436 Level 85 Bera Hermit
Kill me now! I deserve it a googolplex percent!

ShadowMinus is awesome!
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uwotm8 Level 15 Broa
Ok sure, in the head or in the heart?
Jan 07 2018
fangblade436 Level 85 Bera Hermit
@cantstopme: Wrong! I'm hated by everyone! Even you! End of story! But I don't blame anyone because I'm nothing more than a narcissistic retard!
Jan 07 2018
uwotm8 Level 15 Broa
@fangblade436: Ok and you're ok with having your organs slowly pulled out and your bowels burned? Followed by removing your head, arms and legs and placing them at each corner of the world?
Jan 08 2018

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