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Eckhart Vampire Screen

By medfat

medfat Level 211 Bera Blade Master
May 25 2015 After 80 hours on lunar dews, i got the empress might on 5/23/15. I grinded over 3 years to get that unconsistently. Then due to the mass amounts of 2x i hunted the darknesses with that on 4.5 ( 2x, wolf, 20% greed and 20% pot and 10% IA) i got all 10 darkness in around 6 hours

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MedFat Level 211 Bera Blade Master
NOTE: Having this does not mean you can solo emp because you don't need pots >.>
May 25 2015
Kastex Level 185 Bera Night Lord
finally made it after that long, extremely long struggle
May 26 2015
singsangsong Level 210 Windia Cannoneer 4
Did you just win?
May 26 2015

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