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Ellinia Piano Duet Video

By calebheads

calebheads Level 200 Scania Hero
Jun 11 2013 Enjoy.

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maplestory songs are so pretty when played on the piano
great job!
Jun 11 2013
Wow awesome O_O I wish I could play piano v__v this song is so nostalgic, especially since I only used to play with the maple sounds on when I had first started this game
Jun 11 2013
you're naked [/quote]

I have nothing to hide literally..
Jun 11 2013
johnnyhang Level 72 Broa Blade Lord
nice, now do kingdom hearts
Jun 12 2013
FlamyHeavens Level 199 Galicia Corsair Solus Guild
You know whats funny?
@ 0:25 I just realized that there was a [i]SECOND PERSON[/i] you shouldn't wear the same color clothing, before that hand came out of nowhere you looked like you had an enlarged chest or something
otherwise nice!
Jun 12 2013

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