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Emp set vs. Ra set

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Hey everyone ~

So I currently have full set emp, with shoulder (but unequipped). My dagger is SW (with emp transposed), and thus I only have 5 set effect atm. With the shoulder, i'll get the set effect (+30 atk, 30% boss).

However, I'm contemplating whether or not i should switch to 3 piece RA (hat, top, bot). I'm not replacing my dagger because it's 30% boss, 15% pdr, 250atk.

So my question is, should I stick with my emp equips, and equip the shoulder, or switch to 3 piece RA (and POSSIBLY equip the shoulder, or just sell it and get meister)

  • NOTE: I don't buy nx (ever), and thus I will never cube except when cubes are available through events. (This is important because RA is better in the sense of its top and bot, instead of emp overall).

Thanks a lot in advance to those who are taking time to help me! I greatly appreciate it
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Earlier Level 197 Windia Bow Master
Just stick with what you have.
Mar 29 2014
MegaSage Level 210 Windia Luminous 4 Herbs Guild
well the fafnir dagger does give u an instant 30%boss 10%pdr and has a higher base att. Just see ur current weapon and get a fafnir
Mar 29 2014
Mijael Level 208 Bera Dark Knight
Yeah, you ruined your dagger.
Mar 29 2014
2kawaii4u Level 135 Scania Cannoneer 4
that dagger... ;'( whyy
Mar 29 2014
cris1000 Level 215 Broa Marksman
What about that dagger? He did the smart thing by transposing, empress is nowhere near end game anymore.
Mar 29 2014
I appreciate everyone telling me that I messed up my dagger. I am not sure how, but at the time, it was a good idea because I had no idea SW equips would be so hard to get.
I did commerci for 3 days after it came out, and got a sw knife and sw katara. Thus, I thought I could get the rest of the set easy

But yeah, putting that aside, does anyone have an answer to my dilemma?
Empress 6 set, or RA 3 set bonus
Mar 29 2014

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