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Evan and Mir/Afrien Screen

By hexxer

hexxer Level 200 Aquila Angelic Buster 1 See what games, anime & art hexxer is intoHexxer
Mar 26 2015 This is an oil painting of the scene where Evan meet his first Onyx Dragon, done by yours truly. My third oil painting done under the supervision of my art teacher. It was actually completed a while ago but for some reason I hadn't been able to upload it. So I'm trying again now and hopefully it succeeds this time?

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+1 Amazing work ^^

Very nice painting! Celebrate your hardwork with a 3 piece meal from KFC![/quote]

Are you a KFC spokesman? Most of your posts are promoting fast food. 0_0
Mar 26 2015
juni Level 210 Windia Corsair Memories Guild
this is amaze
to replicate the nexon style like that in oils dam u have A+ control
Mar 26 2015
vivek234 Level 206 Galicia Evan 10th Growth See what games, anime & art vivek234 is intovivek234
At first I thought it was copied from the game and the border was added around it but I did a double take and noticed that it it was an oil painting.
Mar 26 2015
Shir Level 135 Windia Dawn Warrior 4
omg oils i LOVE it
Mar 27 2015

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