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sayno2physics Level 221 Kradia Evan 10th Growth
@shiratsuki: I still use dark fog and blaze, heh this is why you're fork
Oct 24 2015
hishotodo Level 200 Elnido Evan 10th Growth
Doesn't it end up being a nerf on targets with elemental resist anyway? I'm not sure about how Final Damage works, but is it just a straight up buff?
Oct 25 2015
juarmo Level 218 Bera Evan 4th Growth SixHeroes Guild
[url=]Half-finished Translations from Max's Blog[/url]
I'm doing this for the good of the community!
It may seem out of character, but I hope to change that!
Oct 30 2015
lightyu Level 192 Chaos Evan 10th Growth
I'm happy at 50%. I'm the nostalgic type after all.
I was a fan of the Growth System Evan. The new one is lacking some aspects that the old one have.
I just hope they put back what he's missing. (Probably when 5th Job will be released)
Oct 30 2015
juarmo Level 218 Bera Evan 4th Growth SixHeroes Guild
@lightyu: on the contrary,I hope they DON'T bring back the growth system, at least not until AFTER 5th job is released. If they bring back the growth system when/before 5th job is released, it'll give them an excuse to not give mir a newer, larger design, and give us another mount. As it stands, with the 4 growth system, each of mir's growths has it's own unique appearance, that prevents them from being able to recycle 10th growth's appearance for 11th/5th growth as long as we continue using the 4 growth system.
Also, having the old growth system will lock us into not finishing our build until 200... that either means we need to be grossly overpowered now, or we'll be grossly underpowered when 5th job comes out, and i do believe that 5th job may come as soon as this winter or next summer... There are a few signs of that being the case as of late.
1. They've had as much time as the average game's development cycle to develop 5th job
2. they said it would take some time to design the skills because of complex animations, and 2D skeletons seems to make that easier
3. Stat boosting hyper skills, which stop at 200 like other hyper skills, were replaced with Hyper Stats, a system that keeps accumulating ap past 200 (i think, not 100% sure on this...), and considering that they would be the only one of the 3 types of hypers that would NEED to continue past 200 without necessarily expanding that tab, it makes sense (if there is new P or A hyper skills, then they can simply make Hyper SP keep continuing after 200 to accomadate 5th job skills and new Active Hypers...)
4. Reworking Evan's job advancement system to be like everyone else's, which would simplify tacking on a new set of skills to every class (otherwise, evan would need to be buffed when 5th job came out, or buffed right now [and considering that we have to put more work into leveling than anyone else, best case scenario would be half now, half later, but some people would still complain])
5. Last time a major change happened to the game like 5th job, it was big bang, which changed a LOT more than the patches. Something major would have to come out with 5th job, like say, a Blockbuster?
Besides, they NEVER just do one thing in the big patches, it's always multiple things... and if its small things, it tends to be mostly small things, and vice versa for big things.
They've been setting up the game for 5th job with various little things over the past year, or at least gave the appearance of doing so.
I give KMS a year tops, before it really happens.
Oct 30 2015
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