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Event question

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violetchroma Level 141 Bera Kanna 2
Does anyone know if maplehoods coming back?
Posted: January 2019 Permalink

Event question

0%0 / 0Yes
0%0 / 0No
0%0 / 0It's not coming back


gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
i miss 1 option, the option ; "I have no idea". The one i would pick. Because i really dont know, i do not.
Jan 05 2019
azureduran Level 162 Kradia Mechanic 4
It may at some point this year. Sadly i cannot predict what update will feature it. But it is a good event so maybe if we ask the mystic update fairy real nicely she'll make it happen in the next three months.
Jan 06 2019
ecarina Level 245 Galicia Cannoneer 4
They generally like bringing back Maplehood when recurring events come back. Considering they confirmed Dark Lords of Darkness in February, it's possible one will show up then.

(They did also confirm Wondroid for some time this year though, so if that's later they might come together).
Jan 06 2019

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