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Favorite Special Reward Point Pet?

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dbapxp Level 175 Khaini Bow Master See what games, anime & art dbapxp is intoDbapXP
Which one of the pets that were in the Reward Point Shop were your favorite? (Too bad they'll be replaced soon with other ones )

Mine is Macha Man
Posted: July 2015 Permalink

Favorite Special Reward Point Pet?

34%8 / 23Macha Man
30%7 / 23Lady Hot Tea
34%8 / 23Captain Cafe


sabspirit Level 201 Scania Beast Tamer Cat
All of them!
Jul 31 2015
gurenn Level 209 Khaini Evan 10th Growth See what games, anime & art gurenn is intoGurenn
If captain cafe had an animation when using the whip cream it would be the best
Jul 31 2015
turnnn Level 203 Bera Night Lord
i want them to put the RA pets in there i want my own wittle Von Bon
Jul 31 2015
I like the teacup one. It's like the ones from Beauty and the Beast!
Jul 31 2015

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