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Finally blade lord Screen

By andrew20

andrew20 Level 80 Khaini Luminous 3
Aug 09 2010 After 2 weeks of CPQ and grinding I'm finally a blade lord. This is the highest level I've gotten from not leeching

And no, I will not tell you how I got the UI

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You SHYT send me the link or ima r@pe you!
Aug 09 2010
PM me for UI link.
Aug 09 2010
u can get banned for that.
Aug 09 2010
hardballer Level 201 Broa Bow Master
"You have official"
Fail grammar is fail.[/quote]
lol? he iddnt let the text finish loading...noob

finally? dude theyve been out like 2-3 weeks =/
Aug 09 2010

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