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First renegades cht kill Screen

By Pe0p1e

Pe0p1e Level 191 Renegades I/L Arch Mage
Aug 02 2012 Did the first Renegades CHT kill (or atleast first legit)
People that came : includinq, shiroilotuz, saiyanhell, LegitLance, ToastBlasts, LemonRoll, Zunimassa, Huynhnamese, Swirved, OldCartoon, Glimmerless, IJSBI
shoutout to darwin, for not coming.

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WOW GRATZ YOU SEXY PEOPLE 33333333 RENEGADE 333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 ALSO MAFIA 333333 ALSO THIS IS AMAZING.
Aug 03 2012
Wow grats!
Aug 03 2012
Darwin Level 225 Scania Dark Knight
To be honest, I expected this to happen sooner. A lot sooner...[/quote]

It actually did, apparently, but this is the first legit one.
Aug 04 2012
rofljon Level 192 Scania Blade Master
how the eff does someone have a fucsina there?[/quote]

Marvel Machine my friend.
Aug 04 2012
dracolith Level 102 Windia Dark Knight
+2 Guess what? AIDS?
made me chuckle
Sep 04 2012

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