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Forehead covering hats

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senopai Level 152 Galicia Phantom 4 See what games, anime & art senopai is intoSenopai
What hats cover the forehead without putting down hair? I really like Hayato's beginner hair, but the eyes I wanna pair it with just gives off a huge 5head, so i kinda wanna cover it up if possible, only one I know of is the beginner hayato hat but that's about it.
edit oops i put it in general, my bad kinda jus used to putting it there
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basedmsguy Level 189 Reboot Cannoneer 4
get some spray paint of your hair color if you gotta receding hair line like lebron
Jan 18 2017
vicetone Level 210 Scania Zero Transcendent
Just grow out you bangs
Jan 18 2017

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