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Framerate drop when attacking mobs

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Vangoro Level 210 Bera Night Walker 4
Hey Basil! So since the recent NW revamp patch, while training on my NW I notice I get 1-2 second framerate lags when attacking large groups of mobs with my NW. I never had this problem in the past. I'm thinking the lag could be something to do with the bats that fly through the mobs once you get the 4th job skill. Is anyone else experiencing framerate drops when training at maps like DIPQ, 2nd Drill Hall, or Evo link 3?

I'm running MapleStory on Windows 8.1, I have 12GB ram, a 3.4Ghz processor, a newer Nvidia Graphics card. I don't think my specs should have a problem with running MapleStory smoothly. If you have a fix for my problem let me know please!

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Genostigma Level 200 Broa Citizen See what games, anime & art Genostigma is intoGenostigma
Yeah, it's been like this for quite sometime now. I get these frame-lags like crazy now, never happened before too.
Oct 30 2014
XxTRiiKzZ Level 210 Bellocan Phantom 4
@Vangoro @ZaraByte
Pretty much what you two both said happens to me lol never use to be like that, but yeah I'm having crazy frame drop and I should say my laptop isn't a potato xD
Oct 30 2014
kurorin Level 100 Bera Cannoneer 3
This isn't exactly new its here for a months
Oct 30 2014
xlxlxlxl Level 209 Renegades
I've noticed some frame skipping at evo as well. Should be better once all these event items aren't dropping and leaving messages.
Oct 31 2014
Bellonoid Level 167 Broa Night Lord
Vangoro, Love your videos

OT: I'm having the same issue with my NW, never happened to me before with any other class except xenon's blade dance . Lowering the effects in system options helped a bit, but even at the lowest setting I'm still noticing a few frames skipping, especially when I spam quint throw with jump reset.
Oct 31 2014
PrtPeter Level 212 Zenith Night Walker 4 Legati Guild
As of now, i can't seem to find any solution. The lag is mostlikely due to the bats flying everywhere in the map and bouncing everywhere too. Hopefully nexon fixes this for us >.< I can't boss with my nw because of the lag nor can I train without dying .
Oct 31 2014
Erag0n1 Level 211 Bera Evan 10th Growth
Yeah I noticed your frame drop.

I get a little extra lag on mine as well - or at least what I can tell - and have no fix.
If you close almost everything else so it's just maple that should help. If your cpu truly does rise just from being on a nw then idk what to tell you
Oct 31 2014
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