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Friends in Windia

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ladygaga Level 104 Windia Battle Mage 4
So I may casually play again after a bit of hiatus. I have no active guild and my buddy list has died. I've got many characters in all level ranges so I'll be jumping between several of them.

If anyone in Windia wants to be friends or has a guild for one of my characters, let me know! I'm hoping to make actual friends rather than just adding people and never speaking afterwards. Anyways feel free to comment or PM me if you want to know more about me :~)
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xxfazzahxx Level 212 Windia Phantom 4 Meringue Guild
+1 Meringue in windia is very friendly guild. I returned after a hiatus during beginning of this month and joining this guild has made the experience much better .
Apr 19 2016
liaoryan Level 207 Windia Corsair
hmu hunny
Apr 20 2016
locust Level 202 Windia Bishop Locust Guild
+1 You can join Locust we are allianced with Meringue so its pretty lively/friendly.
IGN is NovaDust
Apr 20 2016
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