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GMS - 18x BM GPA apple'd run Video

By QuickBowmen BMGrandpaspeed run

QuickBowmen Level 206 Windia Mercedes 4
Aug 02 2011 Had a spare apple, so I decided to see how fast I could kill all 3.
BGA and BGB took about 11:40, GPA I didn't really time.
I'm not the strongest, but I know I'm not under average.
Also, ignore the fail pinning in the beginning! Haha

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That must be boring just standing there holding down a key.
Aug 04 2011
thedylan Level 155 Windia Bishop
Scotty... you weren't using FA the ENTIRE time while killing bgb, you gotta move around when you see FA isn't working anymore because of the stupid "X amount of attacks in 1 spot".
Aug 04 2011
thedylan Level 155 Windia Bishop
It does matter! You could kill it much faster with FA :<
Aug 05 2011

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