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GMS Bishop Dorothy Kill Screen

By wuzat

wuzat Level 220 Yellonde I/L Arch Mage Beloved Guild
May 18 2015 After taking a break from Tower of Oz, I switched to bishop because I don't think I could have killed as F/P mage.
But I finally did it!!
First Dorothy kill in YMCK

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AkatsukiDark Level 250 Windia Bishop Memories Guild
Congrats! Just wondering, would you happen to know how many hits per second a Bishop has?[/quote]

Bishops have 15.68 hps at 0 attack speed. We also have a 55 mill damage cap with RI.

@wuzat thanks for replying, I wanted to get to dorothy but I kept choking at 42f and other floors qq
May 18 2015
NinjaOfTennis Level 220 Bellocan Evan 10th Growth Revenance Guild See what games, anime & art NinjaOfTennis is intoNinjaOfTennis
@AkatsukiDark: Alright, thanks. Trying to calculate how long I'd need for a kill LOL

few people who have cleared Dorothy and actually have a use for the staff, lmao[/quote]

The staff is horrible though LOOL
May 18 2015
Lutrace Level 220 Mardia I/L Arch Mage Beloved Guild
+1 Congrats Dan! You finally did it (: My turn next
May 19 2015
Mewtwo Level 155 Windia Bishop Justaway Guild
+2 this one is for every person who has ever said "Bishops can't boss"
May 19 2015

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