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Gach compensation :d Screen

By onebankai gachaownagesrizen

onebankai Level 157 Bera Bow Master
Jul 20 2011 well, i got my cube and my tix

and i got a racoon mask !!
the cube....errr...well my gun is still EPIC

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unnecessary Level 163 Bellocan Mechanic 4
Nice, I got a Tiger Talon from my 1 Ticket T_T
Jul 23 2011
Carnival Level 165 Windia Night Lord
+1 I got a level 35 female archer top with mine.
Jul 23 2011
dont be too jealous but i got a lvl 10 spear
Jul 23 2011
I got a fish tank chair from my compensated gach ticket!
Jul 23 2011
Tac0Dit Level 187 Scania Shadower
I never get anything good from gach
Jul 23 2011
I got a level 20 bowman top...
Jul 23 2011

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