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Game Freezing after Server Maint

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xus3rnam3 Level 242 Mardia Blade Master
Anyone else experiencing FPS lag every few seconds after the server maint this morning?
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whoamomma1 Level 41 Windia Assassin
+1 A better Maple they said. Every patch or maintenance, there's always something wrong. God knows what they're doing, just makes things worse than better. Patch took away remote effects (transparent effect is useless can still see people's numbers), Ursus glitched. And now there's lag for maintenance.
Oct 27 2016
exor Level 214 Reboot Night Lord
To solve this issue:
1.- Use the Chat Channels hotkey and join any channel, that should fix it.
2.- It's possible that the Channel list will not display any channels to select, it can take a while according to some people on reddit. If this is your case, good luck trying to load the channels before the client crashes.
3.- Better stay away from the Cash Shop.
I manage to join a channel and the freezing stopped until I opened the Cash Shop to buy a Teleport Rock. After I got out the game restarted freezing, even when the Chat Channel panel said that I was still on the channel. After I log out the whole client started freezing and I had to restart my laptop. Haven't been capable of re joining a chat channel after that.
Oct 28 2016
funkyflame Level 220 Broa I/L Arch Mage Emcy Guild
+3 Just spam them with tickets and play something else until it gets fixed. Seems to happen at very random times, nothing you can really do about it. Joining chat does help but say you dc(and you will dc since it's maple we're talking about) you may be lagging on login yet again.
Oct 28 2016
notaxelfenrir Level 201 Scania Dark Knight
i actually xferred items to new char today, went in cashshop to get my clothes, cam eout and my character was freezing every 3 seconds, i got annoyed and just logged off
Oct 28 2016
xtagg Level 213 Mardia Aran 4
Apparently the fix for this is to stay in character select until the lag dies down, then log in, takes about 3 minutes, tested, it works
Oct 28 2016
funkyflame Level 220 Broa I/L Arch Mage Emcy Guild
@xtagg: tested on two accounts, doesn't work. It's very random, all these "fixes" are not a sure thing.
Oct 28 2016
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