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Game still down for everyone?

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vivespirits Level 216 Mardia Shade 4
Maintenance still up and no new about it?
Posted: July 2016 Permalink


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salad Level 1 Windia Beginner See what games, anime & art salad is intoSalad
+1 I'll just take it that they're on a Pokemon Go break and need to extend a couple more hours.
Jul 14 2016
xtagg Level 213 Mardia Aran 4
Hotdog day is taking a toll on us maplers
Jul 14 2016
doomfire77 Level 200 Broa Blaze Wizard 4
till 4 NOW TYPICALLL trolls lmfao my only time off before work and nope

edit: i just refreshed and they took off update#3 that was saying 4pm est, so who knows.,..
Jul 14 2016
vivespirits Level 216 Mardia Shade 4
i guess theire programer are Monkey ! they are doing a Poop shoot contest
Jul 14 2016
darkjonic Level 212 Scania Bishop See what games, anime & art darkjonic is intoDarkJonic
+1 I hope it doesn't turn out to be 5pm est.
Jul 14 2016
greensoap Level 126 Khaini Dark Knight See what games, anime & art greensoap is intoGreenSoap
This is just an elaborate scheme planned by the MapleStory Gods to get us to play MapleStory Live! 3 hour extended maintenance... THUS FAR!

I bet this "stuff" they encountered is KThnxBaiNao spilling sodipop on the server mainboard.
Jul 14 2016
vipdabes Level 220 Mardia Kaiser 4
Just watch a TV show.

It passes about 30 minutes pretty quickly and you can just check back every time an episode is over.
Jul 14 2016
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